This site is still under construction, however its purpose can already be explained very briefly. Shakespeare in Translation studies the works of William Shakespeare as they have been translated into various languages and media since the time of publication. Hence, not only there will be Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays in different languages, but there will also be musical pieces, film reviews, paintings, and more. Translation therefore is taken very broadly, as interpretation by means of language, image, sound, or performance

For now you can go about comparing several translations of Sonnets, they are available in following languages:

Russian, Bulgarian (in progress), Italian, German, French (in progress), Spanish, Hungarian (in progress), Yiddish, Ukrainian.

There is now a News section, that is/will be updated with various Shakespeare-related news. You can now subscribe by RSS or by email (links available in the sidebar). There is an illustration galore that waits to be introduced via a gateway page. And – just in time for Christmas, January blues, and St. Valentine’s – there is a Shakespeare Library that will be stocked with relevant books available on Amazon.com. We promise to publish reviews of some of them as the future of Shakespeare in Translation unfolds, but for now you can browse the store that includes Biography, Translation, Film, Audio, and Illustration sections.

Last but not least, Shakespeare’s Echo publishes the artwork (mostly poetry) that was influenced by Shakespeare and includes direct references to his works.

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  1. This is an interesting, nay intriguing initiative. I would very much like to see it develop.

    Ton Hoenselaars

  2. I would love to see a translation into Attic or Homeric Greek, preferably both. No doubt there’s modern greek translations. And what about Latin?

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